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The main purpose of FDRH’s activity, pursuant to the decision of Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic of 23 May 2019, is providing health care to the following extent:

  1. providing inpatient health care in specialized fields of medicine and in nursing home,
  2. providing outpatient health care in specialized outpatient departments in specialized medicine and in certified work activities,
  3. providing outpatient health care in paraclinic departments in specialized fields,
  4. providing one-day health care in specialized fields of medicine,
  5. providing health care in day centres in specialized fields of medicine.

The aforementioned activities also include the following activities:

  1. providing intensive care, outpatient and inpatient emergency service,
  2. providing special multidisciplinary health care in specialized health centres,
  3. collecting tissues and organs from donors for transplantation and processing, operating a human milk bank,
  4. providing medical nutrition and meals,
  5. central reception, central sterilization, central operating theatres,

Pursuant to decision of Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic of 6 August 2019, FDRH provides outpatient health care in tissue facilities covering the following activities: collection, testing, processing, preservation, storage and distribution.

Pursuant to the decision of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic dated 3 April 2008, FDRH performs scientific research and development activities in all fields of health care. We received the Certificate of Competence allowing us to conduct research and development activities from the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic in 2014.

To the extent defined in the FDRH’s Deed of Foundation, the hospital also performs economic and technical activities, while on the basis of the contract, laundry and preparation of food for employees and medical nutrition for patients are outsourced. Other services within the facility management are provided at own expense.

Within the scope of the trade license, FDRH performs business activity mainly in the following scope (and in the scope of other trades):

  1. renting of non-residential premises within and outside the health sector,
  2. operating an accommodation facility,
  3. providing pharmaceutical service,
  4. operating a kindergarten,
  5. operating Železnô recreational facility
  6. providing EDUKA training centre.

FDRH is the second largest educational base of Slovak Medical University (hereinafter SMU). Currently, top experts and specialists providing health care for the inhabitants of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region work here. With regard to their specificity and uniqueness, some specialized services are provided for patients from the entire Slovakia.
Each inpatient department has its own specialist outpatient clinics which provide highly specialized diagnostic and treatment services to outpatients and dispense patients in need of specific care that cannot be provided by the external specialists. Another important part of FDRH are paraclinic departments providing diagnostic and laboratory services not only for the hospital, but also for the wider region. Laboratory departments are integrated into a central complex of laboratory diagnostics with a unified organizational, methodological and documentation system.

FDRH is a member of the State Hospital Association of the Slovak Republic. At the same time, we are a member of the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT), Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists and during 2019, a decision was made granting FDRH future membership in the European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine (EPMA) By a decision of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, on 1 July 2006, the hospital became an entity of economic mobilization and by a notification of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, it was included in the critical infrastructure sector for healthcare.